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How Artificial Intelligence has Interrupted Industries

Australian company icetana has revolutionized video surveillance technology

As the technology continues to grow and evolve, the use of artificial intelligence technology is creating unprecedented possibilities for various industries. Many tech companies are capitalizing on the benefits of machine learning technology and are utilizing it to enhance their products and services.

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The security industry has found a way to make buildings safer and more productive for it’s occupants by integrating artificial intelligence software into new or existing hardware. This can be exemplified through a company called icetana. The Australian company has been able to revolutionize how video surveillance systems monitor a facility by strengthening and enhancing the ability of the product, making it an increasingly valuable asset to have in a facility. icetana’s technology allows for full autonomy when it comes to surveilling for anomalies. It has the capacity to learn its own surroundings in order to self detect real-time abnormalities. The company has used machine learning technology to eliminate operator’s fatigue and increase the value of video surveillance which illustrates a unique example of how AI has interrupted the security industry.

As seen through icetana, the growing nature of machine learning technology has decreased the need for constant human monitoring, reducing human errors caused by operator’s fatigue, and allowing for the operators attention to be directed to the most important issues at hand. Another solution that has been highlighted by icetana, is AI’s ability to allow for the autonomous learning of its own environment. This can lead to quick detection of real time abnormalities, allowing for an efficient and reactive response.

AI technology is solving issues that were previously not even perceived as industry problems. It has opened the door to more solutions that were not previously in the realm of possibilities, single handily revolutionizing industries capabilities. As a result, AI is taking the security industry by a storm and has created unique solutions to problems that have once been inevitable and unavoidable.

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Source: icetana, 2021

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