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Reasons to Upgrade Your Healthcare Facility’s Wireless Technology

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, has changed how the world operates. Day to day operations have transitioned into a unfamiliar pace and environment. People started to realize that they could work from home without affecting productivity, individuals began to prioritize health more and many businesses had to change the way they operated and the increase of wireless technology have increased all over the world.

Long term care facilities were negatively affected by not only the virus but the drastic change of pace the world has taken. Due to the unprecedented affects of the virus, visitors were not allowed to enter long term care facilities to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Although this was devastating to many families, the use of video calling through platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger, and Teams were popularized and utilized as the only source of contact with loved ones. As the transition occurred to video calling, it became apparent that some facilities and homes network systems could not handle the current form of social communication. This was because people and organizations were late to update their hardware and network systems to adjust to the new normal.

Unfortunately, in Calgary, Alberta, long term care patients were a victim to this. They were unable to remain in contact with their loved ones due to the facility’s significant underestimate of the importance of having a strong WI-FI system. Wireless technology is not only vital for virtual communication, but it also has the ability to improve the efficiency at the workplace. Efficient network systems allow for broader possibilities within a healthcare facilities such as being able to write charts at the patient’s bedside evidently saves time and money. Staff can save a significant amount of time while having to search for patient records such as scans and forms. Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets can reduce the equipment cost as they are cheaper to invest in than a computer. There are more reasons for an adequate network system beyond the pandemic, however, the lack of ability for virtual communication during the pandemic has accelerated a large need for updated network systems.

Utilizing wireless technology allows for patients to have access to their own medical records such as lab results. It allows staff to properly allocate time to the patients who need to be tended to and patients who want to check their results can save a trip to the doctor’s office. Staff do not have to look in various places to access different patient files, it can all be done from one location. WI-FI technology can also track medical equipment such as monitors and wheelchairs, reducing instances of lost equipment. Healthcare facilities that have outdated technology are becoming obsolete. Utilizing cutting edge technology allows others to view your organization as one that embraces innovation, thus presenting yourself as a leader in your industry.

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