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What else can your security system do?

Your next security system will not just be a security system. The potential of security equipment has come a long way and can now be leveraged to perform more than one function. For an example, your video surveillance hardware can not only perform regular security functions such as surveilling for anomalies but also can be programmed to resource manage or people count. The unique part about this is that the hardware can stay the same but the software is the element that changes. Installing new security infrastructure is expensive. That being said, you can leverage the hardware to be utilized to its fullest potential. As a result you gain a greater return on your investment and end up with less physical equipment to manage.

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Retrofitting is a method that can be used to gain more output from your security equipment. An integrator can take your old or new security equipment and transform it into a multifaceted system that works beyond the scope of just security. As a result, your expensive facility systems will not be limited to a singular solution. For example solutions for communication, security, and much more can all derive from the same hardware. Retrofitting is a crucial part in leveraging your facilities equipment.

When it comes time to upgrade your next security system, it is important to remember that it is setting a critical foundation for so much more than just security. Integrators have made it increasingly easier to leverage your equipment for multiple different purposes. This can result in a few different advantages. For one, the obvious reason could be increasing the return on investment for your facilities security equipment. Though that is true, it can be so much more than just leveraging and ROI. By utilizing your equipment for various solutions, it makes it significantly easier on building managers to track their systems via unified dashboard. Furthermore, this can create a streamlined process for managing facility systems.

License plate recognition, real time locating services, real time incident detection, are a few of the solutions that your security system could be leveraged to perform. Video surveillance equipment is a great example of how a buildings security infrastructure is not limited to its original function. To illustrate a better picture, imagine a CCTV camera located in a secured parking lot. This single piece of security equipment can be leveraged to manage access control via license plate recognition or facial recognition while at the same time use machine learning surveillance to detect anomalies in real time. With the help of an integrator, camera equipment can be used for so much more than just its original use.

To conclude, integrators have found a way to leverage your equipment to receive the maximum amount of return from it. As a result it can save you time, money and, ease the stress of having to simultaneously manage numerous types of facility systems.

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