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Delco Security services industries all over Canada

About Us

Delco Solutions is a 100% Canadian owned and operated solutions integration firm that works beyond the scope of security. We utilize cutting edge technology to create solutions within a diversified range of industries such as hospitals, universities, correctional facilities, K-12 schools and more. Due to our vast understanding of IT networks, software, systems and protocols, we are considered Master System Integrators, an unconventional solutions integrator. Delco Solutions has a high level of business continuity and is able to quickly adapt to various circumstances. We take an extremely flexible approach with our ability to build on existing solutions, custom design new solutions as well as offer flexible payment plans with leasing options available. Delco Solutions has the ability to integrate intricate systems into a seamless solution and is devoted to deliver that solution on time and within budget. Our main goal is to deliver a straightforward system integration experience while making our client’s needs a harmonized reality.

What We Do

Delco Solutions creates integrated solutions for various industries across Canada. Our primary focus is automating the operational technology side of solutions. This includes all of the controls and subsystems that run a facility. We have a deep understanding of the IP-connected nature of these devices. Therefore, we leverage the connectivity of the IT network with an organization’s IT department. In addition, we can also improve existing technology and introduce new solutions without compromising network security requirements. We take state-of-the-art technology that is provided by trusted hardware and software providers and transform it into a well integrated system. Our superior technical talents, also known as Master System Integrators, make these solutions possible. They specialize in creating conceptual designs and projects that cater to the specific needs of the client. We have an extensive amount of experience in bringing a unique system integration solution to life while using the latest software technologies in the process.

Our Culture

We have a strong culture that celebrates the unique personalities of each hardworking technician and staff member. We strongly believe that our staff is our most important and valuable asset. Each member of our team hold recognizable skillsets that help contribute towards making our culture a strong and unified one. Each employee is recognized and appreciated for their contributions toward the success of Delco Solutions. Team work thrives in our environment and allows the company to succeed with quicker results. We are proud of being a company that goes the extra mile to attract, train, and retain the best employees in the field. As a result, we have become a tight-knit, small group of individuals who have been trained to be the best at what we do. We make innovation a top priority and are constantly adapting in order to utilize the newest technology in our solutions. We understand the importance of providing extensive personalized employment training that focuses on the individual and ensures the safe use of any equipment. As a team, we act with integrity, embrace new learning experiences, and support our fellow colleagues. Our culture is what keeps us consistent and helps our staff’s own values remain rooted together with similar standards for what Delco Solutions is all about.

We Care

We understand and acknowledge that we as a company, and individuals, have a responsibility to our communities. As a company that provides solutions for issues such as safety, we value the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our community. We want to take every measure we can in order to ensure we are being ethical and serving our social responsibility promptly. We thoroughly believe in the importance of approaching all of our projects with corporate social responsibility in mind. We care about our community and we want to use our voice to show it.

Our Commitment to Safety

As a leader in providing security and safety related systems, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of our staff and clients. Our staff members are dedicated to following our company wide safety protocols and take the safety of our clients and staff seriously. Delco Solutions creates an environment where safety is valued in every aspect of our company. We hold the Certificate of Recognition (COR) which means Delco Solutions is fully equipped to follow and is knowledgeable on the country wide standards for safety.

Our Process.

The Delco Solutions process is one of the elements that sets us apart from our competitors. We take pride in making our transactions as seamless as possible to create the best experience for our clients. We take a client through a series of steps to ensure that there is full transparency and satisfaction. We take into consideration the client’s specific requirements in order to integrate the best possible solution, leaving our clients with a customized result that they are satisfied with.

The Delco Process illustrated

Site Review

We start off by talking to our clients reviewing their facility needs in order to better understand what needs to be addressed.

Engineering and Design

After the assessment, comes the engineering and design. In this step, we create a unique conceptual design and project plan, taking into consideration costs and facility needs in order to efficiently address the client’s requests.

System Testing

Delco Solutions staff procure all the equipment and stage it in the Delco Solutions shop where it undergoes extensive factory acceptance tests (FAT). After years of experience Delco Solutions has formed excellent relationships with key equipment suppliers which simplifies this process. 

Deployment and Commissioning

Finally, this step is where our experienced technicians bring our clients new solution to life with the installation process. Delco owns the installed systems, and is responsible for fixing the system in the event of malfunction.


Delco Solutions provides our clients with a comprehensive set of training courses designed specifically to ease the use of the system implementations. This includes administrative training, operator training, installation, maintenance and service training. Delco Solutions believes in maintaining the relationship with our clients in order to ensure the continuation of care for systems installed and support for our clients.

It Doesn’t Stop Here!

Delco Solutions remains in close contacts with our clients to ensure that all systems are working smoothly, our clients are happy, and that all necessary software is up to date.

Why Delco Solutions?

The Delco Difference

The Delco difference is something that sets us apart immensely from our competitors. The Delco difference is deeply ingrained within our company and has become apart of our identity. The Delco difference describes the way we approach our industry, employ our talent, and most importantly, how we design our Delco Solutions process. It is more than just a catchy phrase, it is something that drives our culture and reminds our employees to celebrate their unconventional approach to the corporate world.

What we do

What we do at Delco

How it Benefits You

How our work benefits you

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