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How Does TaaS Work?

TaaS is an all inclusive service that reaches and fulfills a large range of facility needs. It is a multifaceted service that allows experts in integrations and building systems to deal with the complexities of building systems, alleviating the responsibilities from building managers. This is a service that combines our team’s expertise with cutting-edge technology to facilitate a facility that runs seamlessly. Beyond installing technology-driven systems and solutions, TaaS also includes services such as maintenance, updates and support for the deployed technology. The service is billed monthly and requires no further investment, thus making it the simplest way to sustain a well-connected and updated facility.

What Services are Included?

Site Assessment

Solution Design

Updates & Upgrades

Facility Support

Systems & Technology

Unified Dashboard

The first step includes a proactive facility walk through that analyzes the facilities existing infrastructure. Its purpose is to identify and mitigate potential risks, along with assess the facilities system needs. This includes testing life safety systems, security measures, network capacities and much more. From this point on, Delco Security can devise a customized service plan that directly addresses the facilities needs.

We design a customized solution for your facility that works to strengthen building connectivity and efficiency. Further, we increase communication between systems and streamline the systems through a single pane of glass. We make it as easy as possible to manage your facility systems.

As necessary, Delco Security upgrades obsolete technology along with updates to facility systems. Maintenance is also done by Delco Security, if a system is not working we will be the ones to diagnose and fix the issue.

Delco Security provides 24/hr service support. We maintain all of out solutions we install.

We work with cutting edge technology providers. As a result we install innovative systems that are driven by cutting edge technology.

We specialize in connecting facility systems together. We increase communication between facility systems and unify them under one dashboard. As a result you can control all your facility systems from a single pane of glass, simplifying the management process. Further, it allows for virtual control.

Scope of Services

Delco eSSential

Nurse Call/ Emergency Call
AV/ PA Systems
Wireless Communications
Building Automation
Video Surveillance
Life Cycle Management
Digital Signage
Access Control
Mass Notification
Cyber Security
Fire Alarm
Staff Management
Threat Detection
RTLS, Tracking, Duress
Digital Health
Parking Integration
Data Management
Food/ Meals
Staff Scheduling