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Unified vs. Integrated

The nuance between unified and integrated can become confusing when describing the connection between systems. The two industry terms are often used synonymously when referring to the interrelatedness of facility systems.

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Virtual Reality in the Integrations Space

Virtual Reality (VR) opens the door for new opportunity in the integrations space. Playing a vital role in each end of the project, VR can increase client satisfaction and user experience. It does this by creating a supportive platform that allows clients to become well- versed in their new solution prior to application. Further, it creates a unique opportunity to train and familiarize…

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Machine Learning and Video Surveillance

Machine Learning and Video Surveillance Recent advancements in technology have paved the way for many new developments in the security industry. Video surveillance is turning a corner in terms of how it can capture incidents and monitor buildings. Using video surveillance for the mere purpose of obtaining video records post incident, is not as productive as it once was. Companies like icetana are…

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What Else Can Your Security System Do?

Your next security system will not just be a security system. The potential of security equipment has come a long way and can now be leveraged to perform more than one function. For an example, your video surveillance hardware can not only perform regular security functions such as surveilling for anomalies but also can be programmed to resource manage or people count. The…

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What TaaS looks like in the Integration World

What Technology as a Service Looks Like in the Integration World. Technology as a Service Technology as a service, or TaaS, is a subscription-like program that combines hardware, software, and services into one package. The design stage, installation and maintenance can be purchased and consumed as a service. This allows the client to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without having to…

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Unified Solutions and the IoT Movement in Healthcare

Unified Solutions and the IoT Movement in Healthcare Advancing technology has created a need for complex computer infrastructures. As a result, strong network systems are required to create a stable foundation for IoT systems. IoT, or Internet of Things, is a concept where physical “things’ have sensors, software, and other technologies that allows them to connect with other “things”, creating a well-connected environment.…

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Reasons Why Smaller Companies Do Better than Large Corporations

Reasons Why Smaller Companies Do Better than Large Corporations One of the biggest misconceptions about smaller businesses is that they aren’t able to do the same things as larger corporations. People often think that it is better to do business with larger corporations as they may have more credibility and reputation. However, it is important to recognize that smaller businesses can not only…

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Healthcare Facility’s Wireless Technology

Reasons to Upgrade Your Healthcare Facility’s Wireless Technology The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, has changed how the world operates. Day to day operations have transitioned into a unfamiliar pace and environment. People started to realize that they could work from home without affecting productivity, individuals began to prioritize health more and many businesses had to change the way they operated and the increase of…

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How Artificial Intelligence has Interrupted Industries

How Artificial Intelligence has Interrupted Industries Australian company icetana has revolutionized video surveillance technology As the technology continues to grow and evolve, the use of artificial intelligence technology is creating unprecedented possibilities for various industries. Many tech companies are capitalizing on the benefits of machine learning technology and are utilizing it to enhance their products and services. The security industry has found a…

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What is a Master Systems Integrator?

What is a Master Systems Integrator? What does it mean to be a master system integrator? The job title can be synonymous with problem solvers, connectors, collaborators and organizers, however, this particular job entails a very complex version of each. This job facilitates communication but not just any communication, system communication. Master System Integrators have considerable amounts of knowledge within the realm of…

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Emerging Trends in Security

Emerging Trends in Security The security industry is an innovative industry that is constantly adapting to the current technology developments of the social environment as well as the responses from the economic climate. Mitigating risk consistently remains a top priority for both individuals and organizations, however, threat is the factor that is constantly changing. For instance, the need for cyber security is increasing…

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