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Our Process.

The Delco Security process is one of the elements that sets us apart from our competitors. We take pride in making our process as seamless as possible to create the best experience for our clients. We take our client through a series of steps to ensure there is full transparency and satisfaction. We take into consideration the client’s specific requirements in order to integrate the best possible solution, leaving our clients with a customized result that they are satisfied with.

Site Review

We start off by talking to our clients reviewing their facility needs in order to better understand what needs to be addressed.

Engineering and Design

After the assessment, comes the engineering and design. In this step, we create a unique conceptual design and project plan, taking into consideration costs and facility needs in order to efficiently address the client’s requests.

System Testing

Delco Security staff procure all the equipment and stage it in the Delco Security shop where it undergoes extensive factory acceptance tests (FAT). After years of experience Delco Security has formed excellent relationships with key equipment suppliers which simplifies this process. 

Deployment and Commissioning

Finally, this step is where our experienced technicians bring our clients new solution to life with the installation process. Delco Security owns the installed systems, and is responsible for fixing the system in the event of malfunction.


Delco Security provides our clients with a comprehensive set of training courses designed specifically to ease the use of the system implementations. This includes administrative training, operator training, installation, maintenance and service training. Delco Security believes in maintaining the relationship with our clients in order to ensure the continuation of care for systems installed and support for our clients.

It Doesn’t Stop Here!

Delco Security remains in close contacts with our clients to ensure that all systems are working smoothly, our clients are happy, and that all necessary software is up to date.