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Scope of Services

We are a parts and smarts company, which means our scope of services include systems, technology and labour. As Master Systems Integrators, we specializing in complete integrated solutions for a variety of systems including communications, audio visual, nurse call, risk mitigation and much more.


Machine learning represents a significant advancement from traditional systems, as it not only relieves operators and staff of their workload, but also facilitates a revolutionary approach to existing services by enabling these systems to learn and adapt to their environment.

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Building Automation
  • UV Cleaning Technology
  • Custodial and Serving Robots
  • License Plate Recognition


Effective communication systems are integral to the smooth functioning of any facility. Audio-visual systems play a particularly critical role in enhancing the overall experience for stadiums, educational institutions, and other similar settings. Intercom and PA systems, in particular, are indispensable in enabling mass communication, irrespective of the size of the facility.

  • Audio-visual systems
  • Scoreboards
  • PA systems
  • Digital Messaging
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Broadcast videos
  • Referee communications
  • Push notifications
  • Virtual kiosks
  • Intercom


RTLS services have the potential to revolutionize patient and equipment tracking in healthcare facilities. By leveraging this technology, we can develop a solution that ensures the safety and security of patients, mitigating the risk of wandering. Additionally, RTLS technology can be utilized to protect valuable assets, such as equipment, from theft, making it a top priority for any facility. In hospitals, this technology can also be employed to safeguard newborns by reducing the risk of misplacement or abduction.

  • Wandering patient system
  • Infant tracking
  • Asset tracking
selective focus photography of quadcopter


Drones have the potential to transform surveillance, response, and reporting mechanisms by providing an unprecedented view of the surroundings. The advent of drone detection technology further enhances the ability to identify anomalies and potential threats from previously unattainable angles and viewpoints, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for security and surveillance.


Our healthcare solutions play a critical role in mitigating risks for both staff and patients. These systems allow staff to communicate easily, enabling them to provide efficient care and attend to patients’ needs promptly. Additionally, integrated medical solutions can help facilities save considerable amounts of time and money by consolidating information into a single system.

  • Nurse call system
  • HL7
  • EMR
  • Patient education
  • Patient entertainment
  • Visitor management
  • Infant tracking
  • Wandering patient system
  • Asset tracking
  • Climate and lighting control
ethernet cables plugged on a server rack


An efficient and reliable network infrastructure is critical to the smooth functioning of any facility. It is essential to have a robust server with sufficient bandwidth to support facility operations.

  • Server
  • Cyber Security
  • WI-FI
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
  • Network switches
  • Hype converged storage
  • Data migration
high rise buildings


For a building to function smoothly, several systems are essential. These systems automatically adjust building variables, such as climate and lighting, to align with occupants’ preferences, ensuring a comfortable environment. Moreover, the unification of these systems make it easier to monitor these variables and alert building operators of necessary repairs or replacements. This can result in significant cost and time savings for building managers.

  • HVAC
  • Climate control
  • Lighting control
  • Destination dispatch
  • Sound masking
  • Digital carbon footprint tracking
  • Fire alarm
  • Parking integration
  • Autonomous robots
  • Background music


Video surveillance systems are integral to ensuring the safety and security of facilities, providing comprehensive coverage of all areas. With advanced technologies such as machine learning, video surveillance can transform from a passive monitoring tool to a real-time risk mitigation tool. Machine learning enables the system to learn the environment and identify anomalies, promptly alerting security personnel of potential risks.


Efficient access control is essential for a safe and seamless entry. Innovative technology has allowed for contactless and keyless entry for secure areas, enhancing convenience and reducing risk. We create access control solutions that align with the specific needs of our clients facility, always optimizing efficiency and safety.


Our services include integrations, system installation, and on-going maintenance.


Each solution is unique to the clients specific facility requirements and functional needs. Whether your facility is a university with a priority for greater video management systems, or a hospital in need of greater security around restricted areas, we ensure your facility’s needs are considered in the solution design.


We specialize in retrofitting and bringing more value out of your existing technology. We create unified solutions that are compatible with your existing technology, bringing added value to your establishment.


We work closely with state of the art technology companies that specialize in creating top products in their industries. Remaining vendor agnostic in order to utilize the best fitting technology for each solution.

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