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Scope of Services

Discover the Delco Difference in our services

Delco Security is a parts and smarts company, which means our scope of services include equipment, technology and labour. Specializing in complete integrated solutions for communications, audio visual, nurse call and security. Providing nation wide services, Delco Security has extensive experience in a variety of sectors including healthcare, universities, K-12, post secondary, utilities, commercial real estate, sports facilities, government and corrections.

Our Services are Solutions

With the help of our product partners, Delco Security integrates innovative, cutting-edge technology into a seamless system solution. We work closely with state of the art technology companies that specialize in creating top products in their industries.

Our services can easily adapt to the differing demands of our clients. We are fully equipped to cater to our clients specific facility requirements. We understand that different industries have varying priorities when it comes to their facility’s functional needs. Therefore, we acknowledge that there is no standardized way to approach all of our different clients, resulting in customized solutions. Long term care facilities will not receive the same solution as a football stadium. Whether your facility is a university with a priority for greater video management systems, a utility company needing more connectivity and unity within systems, or a hospital in need of greater security around restricted areas, we ensure your facility’s needs are considered in the solution design.

See the Value in Your Existing Technology

Delco Security can bring more value out of your existing technology. We create unified solutions that are compatible with your existing technology, bringing added value to your organization. With this model, you can keep your existing technology while utilizing our cutting edge solutions that is customized to make your systems operate to it fullest potential.

Unified Solutions, Increased Efficiency

We specialize in a wide range of products and services to suit the needs of different facilities. Some of our more notable solutions involve: machine learning, drone detection, medical solutions, network, and security solutions. Our technicians and engineers can integrate these products into many facility types, making flexible solutions.

Our Services.

Machine Learning

This technology takes technology one step further by taking the workload off operators and staff. These systems can illustrate a revolutionary approach to existing services by learning their own environment.

Some of these systems include:
Video Surveillance
Access Control
Building Automation
UV cleaning technology
Custodial and serving robots
License plate recognition

Machine Learning
Audio Visual
Communication Solutions

Communication systems are important for an efficiently run facility. Audio-visual systems are essential to create a streamlined experience for stadiums, educational facilities, and more. Intercom and PA systems make mass communication possible, no matter how large the facility is.

Some of these systems include:
Audio-visual systems
PA systems
Digital Messaging
Emergency Communication Systems
Nurse call systems

Broadcast videos
Referee communications
Push notifications
Virtual kiosks

RTLS Solutions

Real time location services can track the location of patients and equipment. We can create a solution that mitigates the risk for wondering patients, confirming their safety at all times. Protecting the facility’s equipment from theft can be a top priority. We can utilize RTLS technology to help you protect your assets. This technology can be used to protect newborns in hospitals by reducing the risk of misplacement or abduction.

Some of these systems include:
Wandering patient system
Infant tracking
Asset tracking

Real Time Location Services
Drone Detection

Drones can work to surveil, respond, and report in a way that has never been done before. Drone detection opens the door to new ways of identifying anomalies from previously unattainable angles and views.

Medical Solutions

Medical solutions work to mitigate risk for staff and patients. These systems allow staff to communicate easily with other occupants. Integrated medical solutions can help facilities save money and time by consolidating information into one single system. As a result, the need to search for patient files in different places decreases.

Some of these systems include:
Nurse call system
Patient education
Patient entertainment
Visitor management
Infant tracking
Wandering patient system
Asset tracking
Climate and lighting control

Nurse Call System
Network Switches
Network Solutions

Having reliable network and servers with enough bandwidth to support the facility is crucial. Network systems help unify all building management systems into one. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the building. Delco Systems will help ensure that your facility is equipped with the proper network system to meet the needs of the facility.

Some of these systems include:
Cyber security
Distributed antenna system (DAS)
Network switches
Hype converged storage
Data migration

We are vendor agnostic to utilize the best fitting technology for your solution needs.

Building Automation

There are multiple systems that are vital for a building to run smoothly. These systems automatically adjust building variables to the preferences of occupants. Variables such as climate and lighting can be tracked and remained at a constant. Furthermore, these systems can alert building operators of things that need to be repaired or replaced in the future. As a result, building managers can save money and time.

Some of these systems include:
Climate control
Lighting control
Destination dispatch
Sound masking
Digital carbon footprint tracking
Fire alarm
Parking integration
Autonomous robots
Background music

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Video Surveillance
Video Solutions

Video surveillance systems can ensure that all areas of a facility are safe and accounted for. Security guards often spend time searching through security footage. As a result, this opens the possibility of human error caused by fatigue or carelessness. With the help of machine learning, we can remove the human error factor, thus, creating a safer and more productive workplace.

Access Solutions

Safe and seamless access control allows for more efficiency in the workplace. There are new innovations that allow contactless and keyless entry to restricted areas. Delco can help with creating access solutions that adapt to your specific needs. We use technology-driven products to deliver a system that maintains safety as a priority. As well, we also ensure that this does not create any barriers for the occupants.

Access control system

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