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Technology as a Service

TaaS is a unique subscription like package that combines cutting edge technology with supportive services such as solution designs, installing/ commissioning and maintenance. We work with accredited banks that provide you with a monthly payment that works with your operating budget.


Technology as a service can benefit various healthcare facilities including long term care residences, clinics, hospitals and more.


TaaS creates greater access to cutting edge technology that has the potential to transform the way healthcare is accessed and delivered. It tears down the barriers to technology that can increase efficiency, building connectivity and reliability. TaaS equips and sustains facilities with systems that work alongside patients and caregivers, easing the role for both.


Beyond greater access to cutting edge systems, TaaS allows for the development and maintenance of a well integrated facility solution. The unique and customized solution works to leverage the technology in order to ensure your facility is operating at its fullest potential. A well connected facility leads to better facility management through unified dashboards along with greater productivity, reduced costs, and improved patient experience. A well designed solution is what brings the technology to life.

Raising the Standards of Care

Delco Security is raising the standards of care with proactive site assessments. Included in the service, the site assessment works to mitigate any risks along with assessing any facility needs. From testing life safety systems, security measures to network capacities, we ensure your facility is performing at the highest standard of care.

Facility Support

Technology as a service in healthcare means obtaining ongoing facility support from a master systems integrator. From solution designs, installation, providing new systems all the way to updates and maintenance, the integrator is involved every step of the way. Everything that is installed is completely maintained by the integrator.

Commercial Real Estate

Technology as a service can make it easier for commercial buildings to transform into smart buildings and increase autonomy. Master system integrators are experts at designing solutions that increase communication between systems and strengthen building connectivity. As a result, they streamline the management process by channeling the unified building systems through a single pan of glass.

Under this service, the integrator does it all. From allocating the technology, designing and installing the solutions, all the way to the aftercare. Due to their high involvement, the integrator is well versed with the systems installed, making it easier to leverage the systems into a solution that brings significant value to stakeholders.

TaaS can assist in maintaining a well updated building that meets the changing expectations of tenants. Technology driven building are attractive to tenants who prioritize efficiency within access control, communication, building systems, and risk mitigation systems. Further, as sustainability standards increase, this heightens the need for buildings to obtain WELL and LEED certifications. TaaS can ensure your building not only has a sound solution but is also staying up to date with the changing sustainability standards for buildings.

Why TaaS?

Affordable monthly payments

We have partnered with financial institutions who will provide you with their expertise and advice on what type of payment plan best suits your financial situation.

High involvement from the integrator

Delco Security takes a hands on approach. From installing systems, designing a solution and maintaining the technology, Delco does it all.

Never let your technology be obsolete

Enjoy the latest technology and upgrades without the large investment. It has never been easier to maintain a well updated and upgraded facility.

Access to innovative technology

We are vendor agnostic, allowing us to have an array of technology providers to choose from. We have built strong relationships with our vendors so we can supply you with the latest and greatest.

Modular systems

Pick and choose what systems you want to upgrade and we will leverage your existing systems into your new solution. We specialize in retrofitting.

Get more value from your systems

Our expert integrators can leverage your systems and facility to operate at its fullest potential.

Pay for what you need

No further cost beyond the agreed upon monthly payments. Everything is included under one monthly price. No further investment required.

Reduce maintenance costs

We are responsible for everything we install. Upgrades and maintenance is all done by Delco Security.

Our technicians are here to help 24/7

No matter what you need, our technicians are on call to assist you. We have you covered.

No upfront costs

Sign up now, pay later.

Never be tied down

Have the freedom to upgrade your technology without being tied down by your past investment in obsolete technology.

All of your systems unified

Have all of your systems unified so you can control them easily through one dashboard.

Master System Integrators

Delco Security employs master system integrators. As a result we have a vast understanding of IT networks, software and protocols.

Proactive site assessment

We do a proactive site assessment to ensure we assess all of your facility needs. Further, we test life safety systems and more.

Raising the standards of care

Delco Security is setting the standard of care with greater accessibility to cutting edge technology.

Virtual Control

Through your unified dashboard, have the freedom of virtual control. Check up on all of your systems, virtually.

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Sign Up For a Site Assessment

A site assessment is a facility walk through done by one of our solutions specialists. It assesses all of your facilities needs, along with potential liabilities.