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Tom Bergmann’s Retirement Party

Ask anybody in the security industry and they will know about Tom. He’s been in the industry for 43 years, and at Delco Security for 2.5. He started as a Safe & Vault Locksmith and has had many roles such as Product and Project management, Tech Support and General Manager (to name a few). At Delco, he has tackled some of the largest projects such as Enmax and MRU. His job allows him to play different roles and he described it being “like an entrepreneur”- being a Project Manager requires design engineering, quality control, testing and commissioning, billing, closing, and more. Tom’s favourite part about his job at Delco is the autonomous way of working and the lack of micromanagement. 

“The Delco Difference is the unique skillset and high-level of technical skills. The ability for people to apply themselves to their work allows for endless growth opportunities.”

Happy retirement Tom! We wish you all the best!